* Premium quality heat transfer sticker. * Includes stickers that correspond to the size based on the payment amount only. * Email the design picture in PNG / AI format with minimum 1200px to our business email. Mail to: ppplateauuuu@gmail.com * The price includes postage.

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  • Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of custom products, once customized, they cannot be resold. We do not provide returns or exchanges for non-quality-related issues.

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If you're bringing your own design, please ensure payment is made online at least 5 working days before your visit. Without payment confirmation, your order will not be considered successful.

If you choose to arrive without prior payment, we may not have your order prepared, but you can confirm your order on-site and opt for shipping.

For random ready stock available in our shop, you have the option to make a booking online or simply walk in.