* Included all the materials. Provide about 200 - 250g resin. * There will be an additional charge for upgrading the size. * For epoxy resin decor, please wait for 2-3 days before coming to the shop for pick-up.

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  • Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of custom products, once customized, they cannot be resold. We do not provide returns or exchanges for non-quality-related issues.

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What's Epoxy Resin Decor?

Epoxy resin decor involves using epoxy resin-a type of durable and clear synthetic material-to create decorative items or embellishments. This can include various artistic endeavors like making resin art pieces, coating surfaces with resin for a glossy finish, creating resin molds for decorations, or using resin to encapsulate and preserve objects within a clear, solid resin structure. Epoxy resin allows for versatile and creative applications in home decor, artwork, and crafting due to its ability to create a glossy, smooth, and durable finish.

Who can create Epoxy Resin Decor?

Creating epoxy resin decor is open to various individuals interested in crafting, artistry, or home decor. It's accessible to artists, artisans, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Working with epoxy resin often involves following safety guidelines and specific techniques, but it doesn't necessarily require advanced artistic skills, making it suitable for beginners as well as experienced creators.